Site to site vpn can only ping one way

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Site to site vpn can only ping one way

What I am unable to do is access the Windows 7 Clients, I cannot ping them or VPN or anything from my staion at the office they are invisible. I understand this is a common mask used during VPN and the client stations can operate this way so I dont think this is the issue. Is split tunneling being used? If split tunneling is on then I believe that one of the ends employs some form of NAT that only allows traffic to be instantiated from the client.

Did you happen to go into the firewall setting and un-check the Local area Connection check box? Windows7 gives me no end of problems trying to get connected remotely.

I have noticed that even if you disable the firewall it still leaves those checkboxes checked which can cause issues. Ignore the inability to ping for the moment as VPN endpoint tend to screw that up anyway. Try establishing an RDP connection to the system to validate. I need the 'use remote gateway as default' switch on the VPN tunnel off to prevent all internet traffic from going from the remote workstation thru the VPN as this will slow things down a TON.

BUT if this is off, I cannot reach out to the workstation from my station on the office network to perform remote management. Now that I reread, my first answer was how to fix site to site, but you're asking about single laptop, this gets messy But I've done it before with technical users This is for PPTP but for any windows vpn should be similar. This example assumes the gateway on remote network of To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. I also have half a dozen other sites that are small use, one laptop sites.

I have disabled the firewall on one client in a test and it did not help. Best Answer. Garry Mar 27, at UTC. Popular Topics in Cisco. Spiceworks Help Desk. The help desk software for IT. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. Dale Mar 27, at UTC.

Can ping only to one direction

Digging around for a bit, but I cannot find that screen on the test laptop. It looks familiar but I cannot find it. Windows 7 Pro 64bit domain client laptop btw. Thai Pepper. Dale Mar 28, at UTC.Need support for your remote team? Check out our new promo! IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Sonicwall site-to-site vpn. Traffic flowing only one way.

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Medium Priority. Last Modified: When I go to the diagnostics page on the remote site sonicwall and do a ping back to the central site lan gateway which is the sonicwall there I get a reply so it tells me that the tunnel is up but no traffic is flowing over the vpn to the central site lan.

I am stumped at this point and have searched high and low on both this site and others for a solution but I have come up short and I am rapidly running out of time to get it sorted. If anyone has any suggestions please could the post them. Start Free Trial. View Solution Only. Commented: On the TZ at the remote site, how is the site-to-site VPN policy configured regarding local networks?This is my current setup:.

I've configured the Vyos router and Cisco ASA correctly as far as I can tell I've already done this a few times in other scenarios and I've never had issues. Also I cannot ping anything either way. No errors or anything. On the cisco do the have a nat exempt rule for the remote network? Probably the same for the other side. Brand Representative for Vembu Technologies.

That said, you are going to be looking for something similar. When this has happened to me it's always come down to a firewall rule not allowing the traffic through. It sounds like you feel you already have that covered but I'd triple check just to make sure.

I've done that a few times where I've put the right network but the mask was too long and didn't allow some IP's through. Ok so the issue is resolved. I got a colleague to look at it and there was a PFS group mismatch. Sometimes that second set of eyes can see things that are right in front of our faces - quite literally sometimes.

Years ago when Win 98 was the reigning OS and I worked in a tech shop we had a Win 98 product key taped to the monitor on our work bench. We always used it when reinstalling 98 on someone's machine remember, no activation and yes we made sure they had a valid key. However for some reason I could not get this key to work on this one particular machine. I tried slowly 4 or 5 times, checking each letter as I went.

Would not work. Another tech walked over and found my typo within 2 seconds. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

Any ideas? Cisco Vyatta Network OS 2. Vyatta 2.

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Popular Topics in General Networking. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Gopal Vembu This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Yes, on both sides. Sneakycyber This person is a verified professional. Thai Pepper. Jason This person is a verified professional.

Yes, in fact all other services are working e. Internet access. Yes, pings to Internet IPs are working from both sites. Jason wrote: When this has happened to me it's always come down to a firewall rule not allowing the traffic through.Join us now! Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out.

site to site vpn can only ping one way

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Essentials Only Full Version. Bronze Member. One way Ping Hey everyone, hope I can get some help with something. Location 1 - I' ve triple checked everything, Have my Firewall objects created correctly for both, making sure the Interfaces are set correctly at each location, made my policies and moved them to the top of the list, however However from Location 2 to Location 1, and I can ping and access everything as needed. I' m almost feeling its something simple, I have properly working internet in both locations but I just cannot figure out this ping and what I might be missing.

Thanks so much.Need support for your remote team? Check out our new promo! IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In.

Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Medium Priority. Last Modified: The clients in the Head Office can reach the clients in the Remote Office.

site to site vpn can only ping one way

Start Free Trial. View Solution Only. Commented: Can you ping ip's from one site but not the other? Do you use the same dns server on both sites client config Do you have a firewall configured?

Author Commented: Hi Greg, -- Can you ping ip's from one site but not the other? Correct, I can ping the I don't think so, as far as I can tell the firewall is disabled on both routers. If you can ping then the packets are going both ways. From the This will show where it gets blocked The default of a As for the DNS i was just checking.

A firewall could block traffic one way To find out whats happening perform a tracert on a client pc at the remote office do this through a command prompt type tracert You shoudl see the path that the client pc's traffic will take line by line The first line should show the local router Remote office draytek to the client PC then it may time out and should then hit the remote office pc.

IF this fails to work and looks like its using a lot of internet addresses traffic isnt going over the vpn. This may be becuase there is a rule on the draytek to push traffic else where. Also try to disable the data filter. You can correct this by. Q2Q all PC's have to have the default gateway as the ip address of the local router.

Using the route add command will not help as all traffic needs to go the local router. It is the local router which needs to work out how to send the traffic over the vpn.

Yes we need tracert output to see how far its going Thanks Everyone, This VPN I'm trying to setup was going to be a standalone secondary connection to our remote office, the only traffic on the VPN would be our job management system, and some backups over night. I work at a creative agency with the primary internet connection getting a lot of use through the day.I'm still learning VPNs, so hopefully I haven't missed anything terribly obvious.

Both devices are on our local network. Here's the breakdown: SRX Outside: The Juniper is using JunOS, which is very new software to me. I am concerned there is a routing or policy mismatch on the Juniper - I'm going to take another look at it and see what I can dig up. Please let me know if you need any more information, and thanks for your help!

Sounds more like a firewall policy than a misconfigured VPN connection. Double check to make sure you don't have a firewall rule applied somewhere.

I've been doing some poking around, and I suspect you are right, but I can't seem to find what the cause is. The SRX is tough to get information from, and there's lots of new jargon to adjust to, but I think I can handle that. In any case, I've set up another test connection with an Aruba Mobility Controller.

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We are quite familiar with it, so it was a breeze to set up. The trouble is discovering the source of the issue. Which box it's on and whatnot. I'm not sure the best way to determine where my pings are being stopped. Perhaps once I can figure that out, I'll be able to dig into the box and make it work, until then, I'm doing some wheel spinning.

It does look like the Juniper does some funky things with its non-uplink ports with factory defaults, as I can't ping out at all from behind the Juniper, but I can ping out to everything from the console on the Juniper. Inter-interface routing policies or something like that? In my experience you will not be able to ping the interface address on the cisco ASA when doing a lan to lan VPN or similar.

You can probably get it to work with some fiddling but generally you don't want to do that in a VPN you use a vpn to access the hosts behind a firewall, not the firewall itself. Can you ping any of the hosts on the lan behind the firewall? Also, you mention policy-based but that can mean a lot of different things. What policy do you mean here? Route based was what we wanted, but there was some technical issue that prevented us from doing so.

It may be incompatible with Cisco. A shame - it looks pretty easy to set up, but then again, so does policy based my greenness to policies notwithstanding. I am able to ping some devices interfaces, but not others.

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I'll adjust my test environment to suit - I do know that some devices don't respond to pings my default. I'll be sure to ping endpoints from here on out. I'll set up the environment and post back with who I can and cannot ping. I'll have a device to put behind the Juniper soon, but I don't have anything handy right now. I cannot ping from the Juniper to the Cisco, nor can I ping anything else from the Juniper, unless I am pinging from the console.

Man, the SRX frustrates me to no end. Anyways, I suppose I have to be able to ping out from behind the Juniper before I can expect to be able to ping across the tunnel. Has anyone worked with one before? It's using JunOS Thanks, Fred. For what it's worth you can never ping the inside IP of the ASA if the packet is received on a different interfaces, aka outside.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up. Appropriate ports of computers in And now From ANY computer in Unfortunately I've checked with tcpdumpthat Another thing I've found out: pinging from And in the ,first ping'' before the entry is added I get:. I read, that this was a normal behavior, because the gateway to And after icmp redirect host a new entry was created in routing cache.

Disabling it does not solve the problem.

site to site vpn can only ping one way

I can't understand why a ping reply So my question is: what is the reason? Is there anything I can do to solve the situation except for adding a route 1 on each computer in OfficeA Notice that when. From the point of view of a stateful firewall, it is perfectly reasonable to drop ping replies if it never saw the original ping requests going in the opposite direction. Later, after. Or you may not even get that. That way, the default gateway route on Office A clients will also work for And as an added bonus, you will have the opportunity to use iptables to tailor your firewall rules to your heart's desire.

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site to site vpn can only ping one way

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